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The aim of this project is to use hydrogen energy instead of fossil fuells in an engine. The conductivity of the water is increased to 200.000 MS and it is electolized to obtain Hydrogen on Cathode and Oxygen on Anode. The hydrogen gas is then sent to the combistion chamber by using on manifold which is pressurized

Gasoline is used as fuel in the first attempts but then mixture of gasoline and hydrogen gas is fed. At the final setup hydrogen from electrolysis was used and the effect of torque, work and emissions was investigated on engine performance. The Rpm value was needed to be increased and no emission was observed.

If you want the see project detail for academic resource please contact at me.

First of all, I am feel very responsible to thank my supervisor Asist. Prof. Dr. Gülsün BEKTAŞ and I would like to thank, Chief Engineer Kemal ÖZGÜÇ, for guiding while I am writing my dissertation and also thank Electrical Technician Olgay ELMAS for working hard with my project